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Composer, Adolphus Hailstork
Selected works *Works in Blue are available for World Premiere during 2021*

Works for Chorus and Orchestra

·       Break Forth for Chorus and Orchestra

·       Crispus Attucks - American Patriot for mezzo, tenor, bass-bariton, large chorus, and orchestra

·       Done Made My Vow for narrator, soloists, mixed chorus, and orchestra

·       EarthRise (A Song of Healing) for two choirs and orchestra

·       Four Spirituals for two sopranos, mixed chorus and orchestra

·       The Gift of the Magi A “Choral Ballet” for dancers, chamber orchestra and children's chorus

·       I will lift up mine eyes, cantata for tenor, choir, and orchestra

·       Serenade “To Hearts Which Near Each Other Move” for SATB choir and orchestra

·       Songs of Innocence for three soloists, chorus and orchestra

·       Within Our Gates for solo soprano, solo tenor, SATB chorus and string orchestra

·       The World Called for solo soprano, SATB chorus and orchestra

  • A Knee on The Neck –Mezzo Soprano Tenor, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra {George Floyd} 


Works for Wind Ensemble

·       American Guernica


Works for Orchestra

·       An American Port of Call

·       Baroque Suite for String Orchestra (with optional Harpsichord)

·       Church Street Serenade for String Orchestra

·       Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra

·       Essay for Strings

·       Epitaph for Martin Luther King

·       Fanfare on Amazing Grace for Orchestra

·       Hercules"

·       Intrada

·       Lachrymosa: 1919

·       Piano Concerto

·       Sonata for Trumpet (or Clarinet) and String Orchestra

·       Symphony No. 3

·       Three Spirituals

·       Two Romances for Viola and Chamber Orchestra

·       Violin Concerto

·       Symphony no. 4 

·       Zora {A Tribute to Harlem Renaissance famed Female author, Zora Neale Hurston}


Works for Solo Instruments

·       2 Scherzos for solo piano

·       Bassoon Set for solo bassoon

·       Eight Variations On “Shalom Chaverim” for solo piano

·       Five Friends for solo piano

·       Flute Set for solo flute

·       Four Preludes for solo harp

·       Ignis Fatuus (Mysterious Fires) for solo piano

·       Piano Sonata No. 2 for solo piano

·       Piano Sonata No. 3 for solo piano

·       The Surprising Thing Is for solo violin

·       Theme and Variations on "Draw the Sacred Circle Closer" for solo Cello

·       Three Smiles for Tracy for solo clarinet

·       Trio Sonata for solo piano

·       Two Studies on Chant Melodies" for solo organ

·       Variations for solo trumpet

  • Ancient of Days – organ

  • Wounded Children –Suite for Piano


Works for Chamber Ensemble

·       American Fanfare for 3Tpt. 4Hn. 3Tbn. Tu. 3Perc. Timp.

·       American Landscape for string duet

·       Armegeddon for organ and two percussion

·       As Falling Leaves

·       Baroque Suite for violin and piano

·       The Blue Bag for clarinet and piano

·       Consort Piece for septet

·       Divertimento for violin and viola

·       Evensong for violin and cello

·       Fanfare on Amazing Grace for brass quintet, timpani, and organ

·       Fantasy Piece for viola and piano

·       Four Hymns Without Words for trumpet and piano

·       Guest Suite for four hands on one piano

·       Ghosts in Grey and Blue for trumpet, horn, and trombone

·       I Am Only One for SATB choir

·       John Henry's Big (Man vs. Machine) for trombone and piano

·       Little Diversions for Lord Byron's Court for two violins or string duet

·       Sanctum for clarinet and piano or viola and piano

·       A Simple Caprice for clarinet and piano

·       Sonata for trumpet and piano

·       Sonata for two pianos

·       Springtime for Elephants for two tubas

·       String Quartet No. 1

·       String Quartet No. 2 - Variations on "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

·       String Quartet No  3


  • Chinese Zodiac Suite for String Quartet, Flute,

  • and Harp

  • Three Meditations for Viola and Organ (or

  • Chamber Orchestra)

  • Four Hymns without Words for Trumpet and

  • Organ (or piano, or orchestra)

  • Little Suite in F –Violin and Piano

  • Eslanda Dances – String Trio

·       Three Meditations for viola and organ

·       Two by Two for horn and trombone

·       Variations on a Guyanese Folk Song for violin and piano

·       Ventriloquist Acts of God for soprano and piano



·       Joshua’s Boots an Opera in one Act

·       Paul Laurence Dunbar: Common Ground An Operatic Theater piece

·       Rise for Freedom: The John P. Parker Story

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